Red Eye

A film short narrative film by 

S. Siobhan McCarthy

Running Time:  13 minutes     

Directed By:  S. Siobhan McCarthy              

Written By:  S. Siobhan McCarthy &        John Robert McGie

Produced By: Lori Watt & Asha Gill

Executive Producer: S. SIobhan McCarthy

Edited by:  Xandra Grayson 

Cinematographer:  Xandra Grayson     

Composer:  Red Heartbreaker

Costume Designer: Marion Victoria

Production Company: red trike media inc.  

Nominated for two Leo Awards

Best Screenplay for a  Short Drama  for S. SIobhan McCarthy & John McGie

Best Female Performance in A Short Drama for Christine Gavin- Bartlet


Christmas Isn't for Everyone

On Christmas Eve, Santa’s Helper, Angela, drives her estranged daughter to the airport to catch the Red Eye flight home to Angela’s ex-husband. On the car ride, she reveals the truth about her past mistakes and why he took their daughter on Christmas Day 16 years ago. 

Do you believe in Santa?


Our Story

How Red Eye came to be

This film was originally a monologue, entitled “The Christmas Red Eye by John Robert McGie, for the Chair Series. 

McGie collaborates with actors to create monologues with characters from their own world and the imagined worlds he devises. Actors deliver monologues to an audience - no props, no wardrobe - simple storytelling at its richest. An audience, an actor, a stage and a chair. 

Director, Actor and Screenwriter S. Siobhan McCarthy, a member of The Chair series witnessed her long lost University friend Christine Bartlett perform the monologue, “The Christmas Red Eye” and was brought to tears. 

Siobhan asked John if she could option the rights and adapt it into a movie.  John graciously agreed.  Siobhan decided that in response to the #metoo movement and her experiences, she wanted to create something truly special with this project.  She wanted to be proactive in her hiring practices and assist in changing the gender parity problem in the film industry by consciously hiring only women for the project.   

She envisioned an all female cast and crew, and personally flew her best friend and long-time collaborator Xandra Grayson in from Toronto to shoot and edit this film with her and her team, in order to make this dream a reality.  She wanted to provide a platform for each cast and crew member to grow and hone their craft.

In December of 2017, 19 women got together to shoot this film over two 12 hour days.  Throughout this process the producers Lori Watt and Asha Gill provided a space for many women to work in the industry, get required hours for union memberships, complete their internships, get work experience, and generally have a great time doing it.  

red trike media inc. was thrilled to pay every single person involved in this project and looks forward to many more opportunities to celebrate women in film.  #allfemalecastandcrew #womeninfilm #metoo 

Watch the Red Eye Teaser


Director's Vision

I have always been fascinated with the human condition and why we do the things we do. Why do we lie, cheat and steal? 

I am particularly intrigued with how humans court, mate, act in relationship, and how we foster family. What brings us together?  

What tears us apart? What keeps a couple in union? What keeps a family whole? 

In Red Eye I was excited to explore the notion of estranged family members reuniting. I wanted to explore the unspoken sadness that Christmas can bring to many people. I wanted to show the delicate intricacies of how addiction and poor life choices can haunt us and rip our lives and families apart.  

I also wanted to show the soft space of hope and how we can learn to forgive ourselves and our loved ones for our mistakes.

I wanted to explore the mother/ daughter relationship and pay homage to my own Mum, who would talk to/at me about the important and awkward things in life, in the car, because she didn’t have to look at me, and I couldn’t escape.

 I was a captured audience. 



Christine Gavin-Bartlett as Mom

Christine is delighted to be performing in the film Red Eye, and grateful to be a part of an amazing collaboration of women.  After graduating with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Sociology from the University of British Columbia in 1999, she was eager to pursue her real passion, acting.  She proceeded to complete a Theatre Diploma from Douglas College in 2001, but it wasn't until she was introduced to the teachings of Sanford Meisner that her real enthusiasm for the craft began. Christine continued to take workshops and courses while raising her two young children.  During this time she also performed in a variety of Between Shifts Theatre productions.  Her most recent theatre credits with Between Shifts include, Sylvie in The Odd Couple (female version), Marcia in The Patron Saint of Stanley Park, Mrs. Cratchit in A Christmas Carol, and May in Time Flies.

Christine is also a UBCP member; her film credits include The Tomorrow People, Timeless, Nightmare Time (Pilot), and Supernatural.  Christine's experience working on Red Eye and being exposed to the Independent/ Indie scene has stimulated her desire and excitement to become involved in similar projects in the future.   Christine was Nominated for Leo Award in 2019 for Best Performance in Red Eye  


Raquel Christensen as Daughter

An Actra member hailing originally from Toronto, Raquel started acting at the age of 9 when her father dragged her into a sound audition because the girl who was meant to read with him didn't show - and that was it. Raquel signed with her first agent shortly after. Since then, she has attended school for theatre performance, studied film at university and worked on commercials, tv films, theatre productions, and appeared in short and feature length Art films. Raquel has also worked in modelling but her heart is forever devoted to acting. She now resides in Vancouver, BC, and continues to pursue her passions. Recently Raquel won the 'best actor' award at the Whistler Film Festival.



Lori Watt

Lori is an award winning writer, director, producer and actress based in Burnaby, British Columbia. She is co-founder of Frolicking Divas Productions, a theatre company focused on female dominated works. Her company produced the first Canadian Production of Heathers: the Musical which was nominated for two Jessie Richardson awards: one for Best Production, and an inaugural diversity award for reflecting Vancouver’s cultural make up on stage. Her most recent production of Rabbit Hole at the Vancouver International Fringe Festival was lauded in the press.

She has produced several award-winning short films and directed multiple stage plays over the years. In December of 2017 she produced Red Eye with S. Siobhan McCarthy of red trike media inc. and blyssful PRODUCTIONS – A Christmas short completed with an all female cast and crew which screened at the 2018 Cannes Courts Metrage

Red Eye was nominated for two Leo Awards, Best Actress, and Best Screenplay.  She participated in the Producer’s Workshop at the Cannes Marche du Film with red trike media inc. 

Lori has just completed principle photography on the Harold Greenberg/Creative BC Short Film, A Pregnant Woman with AGA Films


Asha Gill

Asha has over 40 combined production and producing credits and 19 years experience in screen-based media in Vancouver, British Columbia.  Highlights of her producing career include The Chris Isaak Show, Canada’s Next Top Model, behind the scenes at Men In Trees (for, Crazy 8s and over a dozen independent projects, including several award-winning short films.  

Due to her varied experience in many aspects of the film and television industry, Asha’s skills in producing lend themselves to both the creative and the production side of projects.  She has developed solid relationships with top industry vendors, producers, directors, casting directors, talent agents, performers, unions, associations, technicians, crew members, politicians, industry leaders and influencers.

In the Press

Interview with Siobhan McCarthy Executive producer of "Red Eye" in Cannes

Squamish actress nominated for Leo award Christine Gavin-Bartlett recognized for her performance in short indie film- The Squamish Chief