PARKED because life doesn't go in reverse!


PARKED is a comedy digital series that follows a group of long-time west coast friends in their early 30's as they wrestle with what it means to be dads, husbands and men when life does not turn out as expected. 


“Creators S. Siobhan McCarthy and Adam O. Thomas made a strong and interesting choice in having the mothers of the kids serve as the primary breadwinners. While this has become increasingly common in our society, it’s still extremely rare to see it depicted in media.”~ Webvee Review by Kyle Price-Livingston


With a local park as their home base, Tim, Jesse, Davinder and their still partying single friend Josh, meet regularly to support each other as they tackle the trials of daily life. As fathers, husbands and men without direction, these four friends are caught at a crossroads as they find themselves no longer moving forward. Set in the Pacific Northwest, 

PARKED follows a group of early 30’s long-time friends now faced with the realities of life as they come face to face with the fact that who they are isn’t who they imagined they’d be and if they aren’t careful they might find themselves parked, forever.

“Parked is a hilarious take on holding onto your own identity in our rapidly evolving world, told through the lens of technology designed to keep us hurdling forward at record pace.”BeatRoute, Web Series Celebrates the Rise of the Modern Dad

Stay-at-home dads get the web series treatment in Parked, a new Vancouver-shot web series that’s burning up the ’net with its irreverence.

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Created by Adam O. Thomas and S. Siobhan McCarthy

Hard Target

Bets and side bets are made when stay-at-home dads; Tim, Jesse and Davinder engage in a friendly game of lawn darts at the park. The game gets interrupted when Josh arrives and the guys crack open some beers, shoot the shit and discuss the formalities of going to a local kid's birthday party.  

Lying and Dying

In an epic parenting fail, things immediately start to unravel as Jesse (David Lewis) races home after realizing he has forgotten his kids. But the hungover journey is not the worst part. That comes when Jesse ends up face to face, with Peter (Peter Benson) his ex, Kim's (Julia Benson)new dude. Will he get away with it? Will he be broken? How strong is the "Bro' Code?" And where do you keep your pizza five? 


Homecoming: what secrets do you have on your computer? What would you not want the IT guys from your partner's school to find out about. Tim arrives home and immediately wishes he had actually deleted that home movie.  Starring (Kirby Morrow) as Tim, (S. Siobhan McCarthy) as Jenn and (Freddie Wong) as Freddie the IT guy  


Everyone knows a dad's place is in the kitchen. Where does your mind go when you're left alone to bake and take care of your kid? In Davinder's mind he's a Master Baker, fo' shizzy.

Waiting for Kiddo

How far would you go to find a way to go to a party you weren't invited to? Does it matter that it's a five year olds birthday party? Josh tests the boundaries of good taste and probably even the law in the 5th Episode of PARKED. Check out this great video

The M Word

Some people just can't take "NO" for an answer. In this, the last episode of PARKED Season 1 Josh shows up to a kids birthday unannounced, and he's brought a surprise...just don't use the M Word!


Jesse's Moment of Truth Jesse and Kim have a moment...that serious, life changing moment... Its the ultimate defining moment in Jesse and Kim's relationship.   How did you react? How did you feel?   What did you say, when the reality of it all came slamming down? How does Jesse measure up?

Davinder's Moment of Truth

Remember how you found out? Was it in a car? The kitchen? Over the phone or right after an orgasm? Christine (Sonja Bennett) lays it all out for Davinder (Sean Amsing) and expects some excitement in Davinder's Moment of Truth!

Tim's Moment of Truth

Is there ever a bad time for some good news? Apparently so. Tim's (Kirby Morrow)  reaction to the news that his wife Jenn (S. Siobhan McCarthy) is pregnant is right up there with the bad ways to show how awesome you are.  

Kim's Moment of Truth

Ever wonder what is going on in a woman's head when she tells you she's pregnant? Well, here's your chance to find out. And if you're ain't pretty. 

Josh's Moment of Truth

Life can turn on a dime, and then turn again. See how Josh, the single guy, reacts when he finds out the woman he's been partying with tells him she's pregnant.

Jesse's Valentine's Day

Kim, Jesse's ex, talks about her Valentine's Day experiences in PARKED. Starring: Julia Benson as Kim Peter Benson as Peter David Lewis as Jesse  

Tim's Valentine's Day

Tim (Kirby Morrow) and Jenn (S. Siobhan McCarthy) of PARKED discuss their Valentine's Day, the commercialization of love and their struggles to be romantic. 

Davinder's Valentine's Day

Davinder (Sean Amsing) and Christine (Sonja Bennett) of PARKED discuss Valentine's Day and how its their favourite day of the year. 

Josh's valentine's day

Josh (Matty Granger) of PARKED loves Valentine's Day because he has "never not gotten laid on Valentine's Day"

Surviving Parenting