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    Red Eye 13 min short

    Screening at the Cannes Short Film Corner in 2018

    On Christmas Eve, Santa's Helper, Angela is driving her estranged daughter to the airport to catch the Red Eye flight back home to Angela's ex-husband who abandoned her almost two decades ago. On the car ride she reveals the truth about the mistakes of her past and why he took their daughter on Christmas Day. Do you believe in Santa?

    blyssful PRODUCTIONS


    PARKED is a contemporary coming of age comedy web series about a group of friends who find themselves at an emotional and personal crossroads as they struggle to come to terms with who they were, who they are and who they need to be. With a local park as their home base, Tim, Jesse, Davinder and their still partying single friend Josh, meet regularly to support each other as they tackle the trials of daily life. As fathers, husbands and men without direction, these four friends are caught at a crossroads as they find themselves no longer moving forward. Set in the Pacific Northwest, PARKED follows a group of early 30's long-time friends now faced with the realities of life as they come face to face with the fact that who they are isn't who they imagined they'd be and if they aren't careful they might find themselves parked, forever.

    CPPB Inter-tainment

    Red Eye Official Teaser

    Screening at the Cannes short film corner in 2018.

    "Christmas isn't for Everyone"  

    On Christmas Eve, Santa’s Helper, Angela, drives her estranged daughter to the airport to catch the Red Eye flight home to Angela’s ex-husband. On the car ride, she reveals the truth about her past mistakes and why he took their daughter on Christmas Day 16 years ago.  Do you believe in Santa?  

    produced by red trike media inc. & blyssful PRODUCTIONS

    PARKED Series Teaser

    PARKED is a comedy web series that follows a group of long-time west coast friends in their early 30's as they wrestle with what it means to be dads, husbands and men when life does not turn out as expected.   Tim (Kirby Morrow), Jesse (David Lewis), and Davinder (Sean Amsing) are fathers who hang out with their still single buddy Josh (Matty Granger) while taking care of their kids and finding ways to amuse themselves (spending countless hours in their local park). The women in their lives -- J

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